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Ready to pay a cost for speaking truth: Rahul Gandhi

April 22, 2023
In video, Rahul Gandhi has handed over his 12 Tughlak Lane bungalow to authorities.

New Delhi, April 22: Congress leader and disqualified Member Parliament Rahul Gandhi asserted on Saturday that speaking out entailed a cost and that he was ready to pay any price for speaking the truth. Gandhi said this immediately after he left his official bungalow in New Delhi following his disqualification as a member of Parliament.

Gandhi, 52, had been residing in a government bungalow at 12 Tughlaq Lane since 2005. He was recently disqualified from the lower house of Parliament (Lok Sabha) in March after he was convicted and sentenced to two years in prison by a court in Surat, Gujarat, in a defamation case for a comment perceived as insulting to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and those who share his surname (Modi) during an election rally about four years ago.

Gandhi vacated Lutyens Bungalow after disqualification on April 22. After getting no relief from a court in Surat, Gandhi vacated his Lutyens bungalow amid high political drama and media scrutiny.

Not long ago, Gandhi got disqualified as a Member of Parliament. He challenged his decision but did not get any relief from a court in Surat.

Congress sources confirmed to NewsnViews that the Gandhi scion vacated the official house on April 22. He got disqualified due to the defamation case charged against him.

It is reliably learnt that Sonia Gandhi, Rahul’s mother, has taken most of his belongings.

On social media, especially Twitter, many admirers of RaGa offered him their places as new home. Rahul Gandhi’s belongings were shifted to Sonia Gandhi’s home on 10 Janpath, Delhi. Along with that, Rahul Gandhi will also hand over the bungalow located in Tughlaq Lane to the secretariat of the Lok Sabha.

According to reports, Rahul Gandhi has spent over 20 years in the bungalow that he has now left.

Rahul Gandhi has been charged with criminal defamation case by the Gujarat Court for using the surname “Modi.” The court has sentenced him to two-year.

Junior Gandhi can challenge his sentence in the High Court.

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