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NewsnViews is the media platform for the new generation. As an innovative tech company, we are dedicated to developing cutting-edge digital projects and products that revolutionize the way news is consumed. Our mission is to provide the key to understanding news through a dynamic blend of short and long-format videos, live coverage, and thought-provoking documentaries.

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At NewsnViews, we envision a world where trust in media, science, and facts is paramount. We strive for a society that utilizes this information to construct a better and more informed world.

Our Mission: Our mission is to establish

NewsnViews as the most trusted and reliable brand in the Jammu & Kashmir. We are dedicated to providing accessible, impartial, and factual information to all individuals. We aim to offer educational content on subjects that truly matter, empowering communities to take meaningful action.

Perks and Benefits at NewsnViews.

  • Benefit 1:
    Competitive Compensation At NewsnViews, we understand the importance of recognizing and valuing our talented team members. We offer competitive compensation packages that reflect industry standards and the expertise of our employees. We believe in rewarding dedication, hard work, and the valuable contributions our team makes to our mission of delivering reliable and engaging news content.

  • Benefit 2:
    Engaging Social Activities We foster a vibrant and collaborative work environment at NewsnViews, where teamwork and camaraderie are celebrated. We organize various social activities to bring our team together and nurture meaningful connections. From regular team lunches and after-work gatherings to annual trips and team-building activities, we create opportunities for our employees to relax, bond, and enjoy each other’s company outside of work hours.

  • Benefit 3:
    Comprehensive Health Care The well-being of our employees is of utmost importance at NewsnViews. We prioritize their health by providing comprehensive health care benefits. Our employees have access to health insurance coverage that includes medical, dental, and vision care. We believe that a healthy workforce leads to greater productivity and overall happiness, which is why we invest in their well-being.

  • We are committed to offering our employees a supportive and rewarding work environment that goes beyond competitive compensation. At NewsnViews, we believe in fostering a strong sense of community, promoting work-life balance, and providing the necessary support for our team members’ physical and mental well-being.

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