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Kashmiri Technology Professional Shines after raising 3.35 Cr from the Angel Investors

March 2, 2022

A Kashmiri youth from Srinagar, has made the Valley proud by time and again raising 3.35 Cr Pre-Seed Investment from Indiana Ventures

Bengaluru: Mohammad Jazim, a Kashmiri youth from Srinagar has made the Valley proud by raising 3.35 Cr Pre-Seed Investment from Marquee Angel Investors Syed Firdous and Gayatri Nikkam Indiana Ventures and where his company plans to use this funding for MVP product development and prepare the platform for market launch.

Jazim, is a B. Tech & MBA Graduate from Lovely Professional University, found his passion for AI & ML Driven applications at a very young age and spent a lot of time on independent projects and research.

He believes that hard work and passion takes precedence over formal training in a field like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. UPCRED is co-founded by Mohammad Jazim, who has previously worked with startups such as WorkIndia, PRSONAS, Wobb.AI, T-DAB and Workex.

“We want to power the creator ecosystem forward with our technological innovation coupled with a deep understanding of the advertising and creator landscape. With our holistic approach, we want our platform to be used by brands to advertise, engage and manage creators easily,” said Mohammad Jazim, co-founder at UPCRED.

“The India Startup Ecosystem competition has given me the opportunity to showcase my skills on a national platform and gave me the assurance that I have made something of myself. I hope to get a chance to represent my state, country and people Globally someday too,” Mohammad Jazim added.

“When I was young, I asked my father to buy me computer and laptops over toys, and I was always more excited to open, develop and iterate the applications and see how these software worked inside. I was very intrigued by the mechanics and started to develop parts of multiple applications and finally i started to make my own things. Slowly, I started to understand how the inner mechanics really worked.” he told NewsnViews.

On speaking with NewsnViews, Syed Firdous Hussain and Gayatri Nikkam said, “With 2022 touted as the Year of Creators, we believe Jazim and his team are going to be at the forefront of the Creator Economy. We believe that the products they are building will empower millions of creators.”

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