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Kashmir grapples with dry spell

January 18, 2024

Google Trends Show a Surge in Searches for Kashmir’s Winter Wonderland

Srinagar, Jan 1: As an unexpected and prolonged dry spell grips the valley, Google Trends data has revealed that there has been a significant surge in Google searches for snowfall in Kashmir over the last month.

The unprecedented spike in virtual interest has been attributed to the extended period of dry weather, leaving locals as well as tourists yearning for the snowfall.

Google’s search analytics depict a notable increase in queries related to “snowfall in Kashmir,” “best time to visit Kashmir for snow,” and similar snow-related topics.

For instance Google search related to the “snow forecast in Kashmir”, which the Google Trends shows hit 14 mark on December 31 reached 100 on January 15.

Similarly other searches which include “best time to visit Kashmir for snow” and “expected snowfall in Kashmir” too has hit between 60-90 mark.

Pertinently, the calculation of Google Trends is based on a graph that shows the relative frequency of any search term on a scale of zero to 100. Hundred represents the highest level.

Apart from the forecast, netizens also search for places in Kashmir, which are covered with snow.

Google searches like “snow-covered areas in Kashmir” have seen a surge for the last one month.

Meanwhile, Sinthan Top is trending online for the snow, the mountainous region possesses when the entire valley has no such traces of snow.

As such, Sinthan Top has become a go-to place for the tourists visiting the valley from different parts of the country.

“We went to Sinthan Top last week and fortunately we witnessed a snowfall. We were overjoyed since we had planned our trip in January exclusively to witness snowfall,” said Aamir Sheikh, a tourist from Mumbai.

Travel agents claimed that queries related to the Sinthan Top have increased as the main attraction are dry in Kashmir.

“Tourists do some research online and have been expressing their interest in visiting Sinthan Top. So, we follow their plan and take them to the location,” said Khurshid Ahmad Mir, a travel agent—(KNO)

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