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After controversial bits of his pre-recorded interview on Eid declaration go viral, Grand Mufti gets trolled online; seeks help from Cyber Police

April 20, 2023

Srinagar: Kashmir’s grand Mufti Nasir-ul-Islam stirred a controversy after pre-recording an interview on Eid declaration, as netizens criticised the head priest for his controversial remarks.

Parts of his pre-recorded interview with Doordarshan were shared online, inviting unprecedented trolling from netizens. People accused Grand Mufti of toeing a government line on declaration of Eid Holiday And sighting of crescent.

On his part, the priest described the controversy as a conspiracy and mischief to defame him and soil his reputation. He registered a complaint with the Cyber Police and sought action against the alleged miscreant for sharing and recording parts of the pre-recorded interview and making them controversial in online space.

Mufti wrote to the in-charge of cybercrime in Srinagar to find out the culprit. “The undersigned today was busy with Doordarshan Kendra in connection with pre-recording positive/negative announcement regarding sighting of crescent. Some miscreant present in the office used his cellphone and recorded the statement in order to create confusion among the general public,” the complaint said.

“It is requested to kindly identify the person and take appropriate action against such a person for breach of trust and creating a law and order problem,” it said with a copy to SSP Srinagar.

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