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Our journalism aims to be extensive, yet inclusive; hard-hitting, yet sensitive — a platform for marginalised voices and stories from Jammu & Kashmirs remotest corners. But let’s be honest, these stories take up huge resources: time, money, manpower, and often, extreme risks borne by our on-ground reporters. Our members pay to keep the news independent, unbiased, and relevant. Their contributions not only help us meet our production targets but also ensure that these stories see the light of day.

The NewsnViews is driven by the truth and the readers who seek it. What makes us different from most legacy media is that we consistently challenge the status quo — through in-depth, visually powerful, community-driven stories, features, and interactive multimedia formats.

Our team is growing and is collective of reporters, storytellers, editors, designers, and analysts, who have cut their teeth on the best news teams in Jammu & Kashmir. At the helm, we have some of the best minds in the industry who have honed their craft for years in the media and today, lead a fearless newsroom into 21st-century, cutting-edge journalism.

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We moderate comments to help encourage free, open and civil discussion. Sometimes we have to remove some content due to legal reasons while sometimes they have to be deleted for reasons of taste. However, we always intend to keep the community running smoothly and minimizing conflict.

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