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Poonch Terror Attack Prompts Intensive Search Operation; NIA Visits the Site for Investigation.

December 22, 2023

Srinagar, Dec 22: In response to the terror attack in Poonch, security forces have launched massive search operations in the area to trace the terrorists responsible for the attack.

On Thursday heavily-armed terrorists ambushed two Army vehicles, killing five soldiers and injuring two others.

The terror incident, believed to be aimed at causing panic and disruption, unfolded in a targeted assault on security personnel.
The National Investigation Agency (NIA), known for handling high-profile and sensitive cases, visits the site to take stock of the situation.

Officials informed that security forces, including the Indian Army, and other forces, are working in tandem to conduct extensive search operations in the area.

“The focus is on identifying and neutralizing the terrorists involved in the attack. Intelligence agencies are actively engaged in gathering information to unravel the motives and affiliations of the assailants,” said the officials.

Residents of the area have been urged to remain vigilant and cooperate with the security forces, following the standard operating procedures provided by the authorities.

The Poonch terror attack comes at a critical time, with security forces in the region already on high alert due to increased infiltration attempts and ceasefire violations along the Line of Control. The incident underscores the persistent challenges faced by security forces in the volatile region.

The government has reiterated its commitment to combating terrorism and maintaining the security and integrity of the nation.

As the search operations unfold and the investigation progresses, updates on the Poonch terror attack will be closely monitored, and further actions will be taken based on the findings of the security agencies.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the complex security environment prevailing in certain border areas and the ongoing efforts to safeguard the nation against external threats.(KNS)

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