Akh Naw Soonch Akh Naw Vision’: HK Cement’s New Brand Identity

December 9, 2023

HK Cement, a prominent cement brand in Jammu and Kashmir, has come with its new logo “Akh Naw Soonch, Akh Naw Vision” , Under the tag line of Builders Strength. The most trust worthy brand in Jammu and Kashmir.

HK brand has earned the trust of our customers within a less period of time, and the sole objective is to always uphold and never betray that trust.

HK Cement aspires to transform its plant into the most efficient and organized cement facility in the entire state, earning admiration and recognition for delivering high-quality cement.

The plant situated at Bathen Khrew is using advanced Japanese Rotary Kiln Technology. The company has installed a unique state-of-the-art manufacturing technology in order to maintain the globally acclaimed standards of cement.

HK Cement consistently emphasizes maintaining an eco-friendly and environmentally clean project by implementing advanced pollution control devices to ensure minimal pollution.

Visit our website: https://hkcement.com/

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